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In 2023, the Blackville Arts & Market Day raised money for Blackville Public School and Ooranga Family Mobile Resource Unit Association Inc.


In 2022, the Blackville Arts & Market Day raised money for Blackville Public School and Tamworth Family Support Service (TFSS). 

Blackville Public School


Blackville Public School is a geographically isolated school located on rich farming land in the Liverpool Plains. The current enrolment of 9 students are drawn from the village and nearby farming properties. The school has a history of excellence producing confident, well rounded young people who have gone on to achieve great things. It aims to nurture lifelong learners who are never disadvantaged by their isolation. Blackville Public School is committed to providing a personalised and quality education within an inclusive and supportive environment. The school motto ‘Strive to Achieve’ is a belief that encompasses academic work, sporting successes and personal growth, all of which reflect 21st century learning.


The funds received from the BAMD enable the employment of a second staff member four days a week which reduces class size and ensures explicit quality teaching and learning addressing stage appropriate outcomes for our students.

Learn more about Blackville Public School at their website.

Ooranga Family Mobile Resource Unit Association Inc.


Based out of Gunnedah, Ooranga Family Mobile Resource Unit Assoc Inc. was formed in 1979 and today delivers adaptable and innovative, educationally-focused opportunities for communities that are isolated due to a variety of reasons. This includes playgroup, preschool and Toy Library services to across three Local Government Areas.

The word Ooranga, comes from an Aboriginal word, meaning "a place where children play."

Learn more about Ooranga at their website.

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