Cash Handling:  All exhibitors to be responsible for handling of their own cash and sales.  Blackville Community Art Show take no responsibility for loss or damage to goods or property.  Please ensure you have a sufficient float for cash handling.  Money security will be the responsibility of each exhibitor.  Cash and food handling requirements must be adhered to ie Gloves or nominated person to handle cash.


Set up and move out: Access to the site will be from 7.30 am Sunday morning- and close 4.00pm Sunday afternoon.


Parking:  Exhibitors to remove all vehicles from stall site by 9am.


Security: Exhibitors to be responsible for their own stall security.  Ground security will be provided.


Insurance: Public liability insurance will be taken out for the general public area.  Each exhibitor shall be responsible for staff as well as your own produce (if applicable) and public liability.


Health Regulations: strict regulations apply for the handling and preparation of all foods.


Promotion: There will be radio and newspaper promotion running prior to the event and media coverage during the day. Please visit the Blackville Markets Facebook page for continuing updates. You can message us and upload photos of your wares.

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Photography supplied Leah Meyer Photography and Sally Alden Photography

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