Site entry and layout: The site layout will have been prepared to suit both the venue and the stallholders. The site layout seeks to maximise patron traffic flow around the venue and minimise “dead areas”. The location of stalls is at the discretion of the Committee and is not negotiable. Site access will be confirmed prior to the event. Upon arrival, stallholders will be directed to their site by members of the Committee and/or appointed volunteers.

Setup and pack down: Stallholders will be able to access the site from 7:30am on the day of the event and must wait in line upon arrival to be shown to their site. Emergency exits and public clearways are not to be obstructed during stall setup. Stallholders are expected to be respectful of neighbouring sites by not installing displays that exceed their designated area. Exhibitors must remove all vehicles from the event venue by 9:30am, prior to the event opening. No vehicle movements are permitted on site until the event concludes at 4:00pm.

Cash Handling: All stallholders are responsible for the handling of their own cash and sales. Please ensure you have a sufficient float for cash handling; there is no ATM on site. It is advisable to have your own EFTPOS machine if possible. Money security will be the responsibility of each stallholder. Blackville Arts & Market Day Committee takes no responsibility for payments and/or sale agreements of goods sold from your stall. Each transaction is at the discretion of the stallholder and customer. Cash and food handling requirements must be adhered to for this event.


Security: Stallholders are responsible for their own stall security. The Blackville Arts & Market Day Committee takes no responsibility for any damage to your product during the event.


Insurance: Public Liability Insurance will be taken out for the general public area by the Blackville Arts & Market Day Committee. The Blackville Arts & Market Day Committee takes no responsibility for payments and/or sale agreements of goods sold from your stall. The Committee takes no responsibility for any damage to your products during the event. Each stallholder is responsible for their staff, as well as their own produce/products (if applicable) and Public Liability Insurance.  In order to participate in this event stallholders are required to have their own Public Liability Insurance, to the value of $20 million, and provide a copy of their Certificate of Currency (COC) to the Committee as part of their application.


Health Regulations: Strict regulations apply for the handling and preparation of all foods and must be adhered to at all times. Food stalls need to practice safe food handling and preparation to meet food safety requirements.


COVID-19 Safety: The Blackville Arts & Market Day is a COVIDSafe event, and visitors including stallholders will be required to comply with all rules and regulations related to this matter. Stallholders must have a COVIDSafe Plan for their site, outlining how they intend to encourage social distancing and hygiene to minimise the transmission of COVID-19.

Promotion: A limited paid advertising campaign, alongside organic social media promotion will run prior to the event. We anticipate there will be media coverage on event day.

Equipment: Hessian screens are available for hire. Please note on your application should you require these items. All other equipment is the responsibility of the stallholder.

Cancellations: Stallholder fees, minus the $10.00 administration fee, paid by a stallholder will be refunded to those who cancel their site before Friday, 17th September 2021. Cancellations after this date are likely to be deemed completely  non-refundable, however this decision will be made at the discretion of the Blackville Arts & Market Day Committee. A refund of stallholder fees, minus the $10.00 administration fee, will be granted if the event is cancelled as a direct result of COVID-19 restrictions, an extreme weather event or any other reason. The Blackville Arts & Market Day is a fundraising event. Please note the total monies collected by the Committee by way of  stallholder fees, and the associated  administration fee component, will this year be distributed equally between the Blackville Public School and Tamworth Family Support Services (TFSS) after event costs are covered.

Questions: Please send all enquiries via email at This inbox is monitored by the event’s Market Coordinators.